Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Rodney vs. the Volleyball Net

Last night I took Rodney for a walk, since I got home from work before Travalon. Some days Rodney does not want to do much more than get outside and do his business, but yesterday he wanted to go on a long walk all over the neighborhood. He took me to a nearby restaurant and enjoyed walking across their volleyball pit with its soft sand, but he couldn’t see the net around the back edge (to keep the ball from going into the river, I suppose), and he walked right into it. Rodney is old and kind of grumpy sometimes, so he attacked the net, biting it and growling. I found that so funny, I just laughed… and then he seemed embarrassed and stopped harassing the net. He walked along and tried walking right into it again, and then he got kind of tangled up, so he was really frustrated with the net and walked the other way. He wanted to get too close to some geese, but I stopped him when they began honking menacingly at us. Then we went home and I fried some bacon for dinner, since Travalon had requested a bacon, mushroom, and Swiss cheese omelet. Rodney LOVED the smell of the bacon and was going kind of nuts. He kept following me around the kitchen, probably wondering, “What wizardry is this? The woman can summon wondrous smells whenever she enters this room!” Of course Travalon gave him a taste of his bacon, so hopefully it lived up to his expectations!

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Travalon said...

Rodney has his good and bad days like most old dogs, (and elderly people for that matter). His energy level is high on some days, low on others. To hear about him doing something like attacking that volleyball net makes me believe he still has a bit of puppy-like and youthful energy left in him, even if its because of him being cranky and it makes me believe he may be around a little while ( at least a year or two ) yet. It warms my heart !

Once he sets his mind on doing something, he is very focused. There's no stopping him !