Friday, May 22, 2015

Beautiful Muumuu

I forgot to blog about this earlier, but a few Sundays ago I wore my muumuu to church, and Mo-Girl told me her little girl, who is three, was scared of me because I was “so beautiful!” Wow, even when I was 23 and much closer to beautiful, I never elicited that sort of reaction from people! How sweet! I wonder what she would have thought of me in my wedding dress? Here is a picture, which I have posted previously, of me in the muumuu and Travalon in a sort of matching shirt.

 Last night Rich and I worked out again. First I forgot my tennis shoes at work and had on canvas shoes. Then it took me forever to find my shorts, but I didn’t want to wear the baggy pants that pass for my exercise gear because we had to rubber band them up while we were doing wind sprints on Tuesday. Then Rich forgot his exercise gear at home and had to work out in “civilian clothes,” so we ended up just doing calisthenics and a round of weights, no wind sprints or Strength Training Without Mercy. That’s OK, I swam the night before with Travalon, so I have gotten a good amount of exercise in this week. Let’s see if we can be properly attired next time we work out…

I have been going through my wedding photos and trying to email them to people. Some of my favorites are action shots that aren’t particularly well composed but just somehow seem to capture the spirit of the day, with the riot of colors and the beloved participants. Sorry I can’t post my two favorites, but they have tons of people in them, and I’d have to get everyone’s permission. One is of me getting dressed before the wedding, and the library at our church is full of frilly white and coral stuff and flowers, while the Rosary Ladies and Light Bright are wearing all sorts of lovely springy colors. My other favorite is in the Arboretum, with A-Fooze holding up the train of my dress and Tiffy, Travalon, and various other people hovering about me. Maybe I just love those photos because I feel so adored in them!

Famous Hat

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