Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Wedding Photos

For our first anniversary, I am going to post some wedding photos, since I never got around to it last year. Because I hate to post photos of other people without their permission, these will mostly be of myself and Travalon (who is OK with me posting photos of him), and of inanimate objects.

 Tiffy's bouquet and my bouquet

 my dress and Tiffy's dress

Travalon's and my rings

 the outside of our church

 the inside of our church

 the new Mr. and Mrs. Travalon!

 What a relief that part's over!

These next photos are from the Arboretum, which is where Travalon proposed to me. We had thought the crabapples and lilacs would be in bloom, but they were behind schedule last year. Fortunately the magnolias were still blooming.

Finally, a couple of shots from the reception: our cake and us dancing!


Famous Hat

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