Thursday, May 14, 2015

My Photos of Hawaii: Part Two

As promised, here are the rest of my photos of Hawaii. These first few photos are from St. Raphael's in Kauai, which claims to be the oldest parish on the island.

Grotto at the end of the Stations of the Cross walk


 Lourdes grotto

the original church

The rest of the pictures are from Maui. This first one is an interesting license plate we saw at the county park with the various pavilions representing immigrant groups.

 sunset over Maui

 hula performer at our resort

 pool at our resort at night

 whale swimming by our boat

 the island of Lanai

pit the pig was buried in for the luau

These next photos are of the dancers at the luau.

This next shot is of a wooden statue outside of a restaurant called Lulu's where we ate brunch. It seems to be a tiki-style Elvis Presley.

The next group of photos are from the Garden of Eden. Note the spelling mistake on the sign.

The last two photos are of the south coast of Maui, where there are no towns and barely any people. It looks so much like the west coast of Ireland. The first photo is of a natural arch over the sea. The second one gives you an idea of how rocky it is.

I hope you have enjoyed this photo tour of the Hawaiian Islands. I sure enjoy looking through them!

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