Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wind Sprints: Another Form of Torture Courtesy of Richard Bonomo

Rich specifically requested that I blog about this today, and I hate to let him down, so here goes: yesterday he and I went to work out. Is it UGGH Club if it isn’t at some unreasonable hour of the morning? I’m never clear on that, since it stands for Unearthly Gym Gyrations and Horrors, and those could be at any hour. I said it was the first time in a long time that we had worked out at a reasonable hour, because it was neither 6 am nor 10 pm (22:00 hours Bonomo-style). Since it wasn’t just before bedtime, after our usual bout of torture (calisthenics, weight machines, and free weights), we did a new form of torture called “wind sprints.” We walked halfway around the track at the health club (sorry, I have no idea how long each lap is), and then we ran the other half as fast as we could. I am not very fast even at my fastest, and I could not keep up with Rich. Plus, because I am a rather busty woman, there was a clear and present danger of my getting smacked in the face by other body parts, if you see what I mean, so that may have kept my speed down a notch or two as well. We did this for about five laps while another woman jogged at a steady pace and kept passing us. Eventually she walked too, and when Rich commented that we had all given up and gone to walking (since we did one final lap of walking), she said, “It’s still moving. Like I say, at least you’re lapping the people sitting on the couch.” Meanwhile, Travalon was sitting in his easy chair, watching the first season of Charlie’s Angels, but to be fair he has a physically demanding job and had just spent hours at it. My pathetic little hour and a half stint in the gym cannot compare to the exercise he gets at work.

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