Monday, May 11, 2015

First Anniversary of Being Mrs. Travalon

Wow! Has it been a year already? Where does the time go? Travalon and I had a most excellent anniversary weekend, starting with dinner at Liliana’s on Friday night – we both got the blackened catfish. They gave us free champagne for our anniversary. Then we went to Le Tigre Lounge for the first time in forever, and the bartender is now rocking a huge beard, but fortunately the ambiance has not changed a bit. We love that place!

Saturday we drove up to Door County with Rodney the Poodle, stopping at one of the bars from our book. (Yes, we are still making that pilgrimage – we are way more than halfway done.) We had a bite of lunch there and were amused by the antics of ten women out on a Women’s Weekend, drinking and blasting the jukebox. We hoped to get to the other tavern in the book located in Door County, but it is on Washington Island, and by the time we got to the ferry, the ticket salesman informed us we would be stuck there overnight if we took the one just coming in. Because it is not tourist season up there yet, the ferry doesn’t run very late. We took a hike all over Newport Beach State Park and then went to the condo in Sister Bay we were renting from Travalon’s buddy’s mother, which was very cute and had a nautical theme to the d├ęcor. We had heard fish boils don’t start until Memorial Day weekend, so we went to dinner at a restaurant which used to be a Catholic church (the church got bigger so they built another building just down the road), and I had “paella” which was really more like jambalaya, but delicious nonetheless. Travalon had duck with Door County cherry sauce.

Yesterday we went to Al Johnson’s Swedish Restaurant, but the goats weren’t on the roof because it was so cold. The food was still just as good, anyway - Swedish pancakes with lingonberries and Swedish meatballs! Then we went to Mass at the bigger church up the road, which wasn’t as pretty as the one that is now a restaurant. The priest asked if it was anyone’s anniversary that day, so I raised my hand, and when he asked which one and we said our first, he said, “It’s just downhill from here.” We drove through Peninsula State Park and got out briefly by the lighthouse, but it was cold and drizzly so we didn’t really hike. We stopped in Fish Creek and found out the restaurant renowned for their fish boils had had one the night before. C’est la vie – we’ll be back to Door County and hit one sometime. Next door there was a coffee house called Craic, which is Irish for “fun,” so we had to stop there. Then we went to the Shipwrecked brewpub and had their cherry beer. Their bartender was very personable. We tried to go to Whitefish Dunes State Park but missed the turnoff and ended up at Cave Point County Park, which was also quite stunning. Then we had to rush back to Madison for our anniversary party, hosted by Rich Bonomo and attended by friends who had helped with the wedding. I had ordered a small cake that was supposed to be decorated just like our wedding cake, but instead of being white with coral designs, it was sort of pale brown with orange designs. It even tasted different than the slice we had frozen from our actual wedding cake, which is really strange because it was the same bakery. Oh well, it was a cute idea that sort of didn’t work in execution, but the point is our friends got cake. Jilly Moose, OK Cap, Luxuli, Prairie Man, and Mr. N’Awlins were among the guests, as well as a couple who led one of our marriage preparation classes. They led a blessing for us. Even the Mothership (Rich’s mom) called and wished us a happy anniversary, and she said, “May you have sixty more years as good as this one!” Awww!

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