Friday, May 15, 2015

Dinner on Lake Okauchee

Yesterday I took the day off of work, and in the morning Travalon and I took “the kids” into the vet for checkups. Rodney the Poodle had had an abscess, but it seemed to have drained, and he has an infection in his eye. Cashmere the Rabbit has a runny nose and an infection in her eye too, so they are both on antibiotic eye drops. That’s life with a geriatric pet.

In the early afternoon we were supposed to meet Travalon’s friend for coffee, since she is moving out of state soon. She is the one who watched our pets while we were in Hawaii. However, she had to cancel, so we took a long walk along the river in Waukesha, and then we drove to Oconomowoc and did a Holy Hour at the adoration chapel at St. Jerome’s. It is a lovely chapel, but the one at our church is even prettier. To my surprise, lots of people were there for the middle of the day on a workday.  We hoped to get in and see the church itself, since it is where Travalon went to Mass before we were married, but it was locked, alas.

In the evening we took Travalon’s mother to dinner at the Golden Mast, a German restaurant on Lake Okauchee. It was so beautiful! It was too cold and wet to eat outside, but our table had an amazing view out over the lake. Travalon was adventurous and tried the elk, while his mother and I had the German sampler. It was very tasty. Afterwards his mother was saying she got lilacs, daffodils, and daisies for Mother’s Day, but no roses, which is her favorite flower. So when we stopped by the grocery store to restock her pantry, she bought herself some red roses. Travalon got me a beautiful orange rose. Aww!

Famous Hat

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