Wednesday, August 26, 2015

An Ode to Boating in the Megan Jaye

I am not the only one noticing that my old blog posts were more creative; the other day Travalon said something about it. (I love how Spellcheck is constantly trying to change his name to Travelog.) Since I have nothing else to blog about anyway, perhaps today I should try to be more creative. Here is an ode to boating in the Megan Jaye, which is what Travalon named our boat, after a yacht that John Lennon once owned:

Gliding over the water
In the brilliant sunshine,
Looking at large houses,
Isn’t my life so fine?
Back into the marshland
We go without a care,
Gazing at the lotus blossoms
Blooming here and there.
Just when it really seems
Nothing could get any better,
The motor starts to sputter,
And there go all our dreams.
Looks like we’re paddling back,
Not motoring home, alack!
At least we can work in tandem.
My rhyme scheme is very random.

Famous Hat

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Travalon said...

We have been out with the Megan Jaye on the water 9 times now, since Richard Bonomo so kindly showed me the ropes of running the motor. Seven of those times we have had no problems, twice the motor conked, probably due to overheating and/or shallow water residue/ lily pads. Although inconsistent at times, the motor is not junk, if it had conked half the times we went out-then it would be.

John Lennon ( one of Travalon's classic rock idols, may he rest in peace) sailed the Megan Jaye from NYC to Bermuda during the summer of 1980. He took the wheel and kept the yacht upright during a vicious three day sea squall, taking after the adventures of his father Freddie Lennon, who was a merchant seaman.