Friday, August 21, 2015

Steak Dinner at the East Side Club

Last night Travalon and I went to our first members-only event at the East Side Club. It was a steak dinner, and a couple of guys grilled generous-sized steaks while the rest of us brought side dishes or desserts, depending upon our last names. Dinner was so good, even the fruit tart that we bought at a grocery store because I was too lazy to make a dessert Wednesday night and went to work out instead. The people who sat at our table were all great, and after dinner we signed up to play bocce ball. They made up teams, and Travalon and I found ourselves on opposing ones. Bocce ball isn’t a very complicated game: you just try to get your ball as close to the little ball (the pallino) as possible. According to my phone, we walked half a mile during the game, so it was a little exercise, and it was out on the lawn so we got fresh air. Travalon’s team was ahead of ours most of the game, but then we would tie it back up, and at the end we scored several points and won. It was so much fun! I’m tempted to join the leagues next year. Of course we ended the evening by sitting down by the lake, gazing at the Monona Terrace and the Capitol Building all lit up. I love the East Side Club!

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