Thursday, August 6, 2015

Fantastic Mallards Game

Last night Travalon and I went to a Mallards game. Our tickets were a little pricier than usual, partly because the price included a donation to the Overture Center for the Arts, and partly because we got access to the tailgate party. That meant burgers and brats and beer before the game, so I had one of each. I feel a little guilty about it today, but my iPhone was also tracking my movements during the game, and I walked way over a mile and went up seven flights of stairs, so at least I worked a tiny fraction of it off. The game was terrible at first, because the visitors scored three runs right away in the first inning, and we couldn’t answer them until the fifth inning, but then we scored five so we were up two runs. A small lead, but we’d take it. Then, in the seventh inning – five more runs! Wow, we were up by seven! A lot of people left at that point, but Travalon and I stuck it out to the bitter end. A couple of those runs were because the other team’s pitcher kept walking our guys, so he loaded the bases and then forced two guys home with walks. No home runs or anything that exciting, but it was still a great game. Lots of fun stuff between innings too, like the “diaper race” where all four babies just sat there and wouldn’t go to their mothers, so it was a four-way tie, and the bouncing pony race/bachelor party, with the mascot ensuring that competitors who were doing too well got knocked off their bouncy ponies. I love small-time baseball!

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