Monday, August 24, 2015

Another Rosary Ladies Weekend

I hope my readers had an excellent weekend. I sure did, beginning with our Ladies’ Night on Friday. Luxuli, Jilly Moose, OK Cap, and I met for dinner at Brocach, then we went to a choral concert put on by a group that Miss Heartsong is a member of; they perform 16th century polyphony. It was a lovely concert, and Miss Heartsong was glad that we had come to hear her. Then we went to an elementary school playground and ate tres leches cake while reminiscing about our childhoods, and then Luxuli headed home and the rest of us went to Brasserie V for a quick drink. It was a late night, but a fun one.

Saturday morning Travalon had to work, so I ran errands, mostly getting things in the mail. Luxuli and Hardingfele came over and paddled in our canoe, and they are so fast that they could practically keep up with Travalon and me in the motor boat. We all went out into Cherokee Marsh, since it was too windy to head toward the lake – I heard today that two people in a canoe actually capsized on the lake that day and had to be rescued. OK Cap and Jilly Moose had said they would be free later in the afternoon, but I was unable to reach either one and didn’t get Jilly Moose’s message because cell phones are imperfect. Travalon and I went to the Union Terrace, where an Irish band was playing, and hung out with Rodney, enjoying the beautiful evening. We were bummed to learn we had missed the annual Pirates’ Regatta earlier that afternoon, but that’s life.

Yesterday Jilly Moose and OK Cap came Mass and brunch with the usual gang, then Travalon and I went to Paoli and hung out at the Hop Garden, enjoying the lovely afternoon. It was a bit cooler than usual for this time of year, but we were dressed accordingly so we were very comfortable. There was a bluegrass band called Down from the Mountain playing, and the little sandwich shop set up a grill, so we indulged in grilled corn on the cob. Rodney made the acquaintance of an 11-year-old miniature poodle named Jasper. In the evening Travalon, Jilly Moose, OK Cap, and I went to Doughboy’s Pizza in Waunakee, where we sat on the patio enjoying our pizza, then we went to the East Side Club. Unfortunately we had just missed the sunset, and it was very windy down on the lakefront, so nobody else was there and the bartender wanted to close up shop. We just stayed long enough to watch the lights come up on the Monona Terrace and the Capitol Building. Still, the ladies got a good idea of how much fun the place can be. We’ll have to return when the weather is gentler.

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Travalon said...

The Hop Garden in Paoli was an excellent place to hang out on Sunday Afternoon. Such a relaxing atmosphere, good music, beer( good but potent) dog friendly and just enough people to make it interesting, not like a big crowded outdoor event where its' difficult to find a place to sit and people become a distraction.

I like patronizing small town restaurants like Doughboys Pizza in Waunakee too. They need the business, and if they're good, worth going a little out of your way for.