Monday, August 10, 2015

Diana Krall at the Riverside Theater

I hope my readers had an excellent weekend. Mine was definitely enjoyable! On Friday night, Travalon and I met Jilly Moose and OK Cap at the Essen Haus for fish fry, then Travalon headed home and we ladies headed to the Monona Terrace to hear a salsa band. We only heard the last three songs, so we talked about going for a drink at the Tiki Bar at the East Side Club, but we decided instead to get one at the hotel right next the Monona Terrace. They have a very swanky bar called Olive where you can get $10 cocktails, and Jilly Moose and I had one called 40 but Hot that was, as the name implied, VERY warm. It was chocolate liqueur with Cointreau and cream – so good! OK Cap had a maple Old Fashioned.

Saturday morning Jilly Moose met Travalon and me at the Coffee Gallery, then he and I headed to Milwaukee. We went to Mass at St. Josephat’s Basilica, where the offertory hymn was one of my favorites, “Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence.” The organist ended on a major key chord, which is known as a Picardy Third, and since the tune is “Picardy,” I wondered if he/she did it on purpose as an inside joke for all us music nerds out there. After Mass Travalon and I went to dinner at a hotel called the Iron Horse, which has a really cool patio overlooking the river. A former coworker of his was supposed to be working at the bar on the patio, but nobody knew where he was that night. A ditzy twenty-something hostess asked if we were this guy’s parents. What?!?! Maybe if I’d started at age fifteen… I guess to young kids like that, we all just look OLD. Then we went to the Riverside Theater to see Diana Krall, a jazz singer and pianist who was the embodiment of my adolescent fantasies of what I’d grow up to be. She was not only fabulously talented, she was also very funny, and her backing band was amazing – the violinist at one point played his instrument like it was a mandolin, and he was better than I am on the actual mandolin. It goes without saying that his violin playing is much better than mine. The stage was decorated with several old radios that lit up inside, and on a screen behind the performers they sometimes showed old footage of people from the 1920’s dancing. Afterwards we stopped at Coppers Pub at Country Springs, and everyone there knew Travalon, including one of his instructors from college. That guy is also friends with his brother – what a small world!

Yesterday I went to Light Bright’s baby shower, and as usual, my team won the trivia game but I was not even close to guessing the mother-to-be’s current girth. We had pizza and ice cream cake – so much for my diet. Light Bright is having a boy, and the theme of his nursery is fishing, so there was an undersea theme to the shower. I got her a baby book that was on her registry, but lots of women made her gifts, like quilts, blankets, and onesies that said “Future banjo player.” Later in the afternoon, Jilly Moose and I joined OK Cap at her outdoor pool, and soon Luxuli joined us. Prairie Man was with her, but he had Michaela the Dog with him, so he didn’t swim. He called Travalon, who came over and brought Rodney. We did get a talking-to for having dogs on the property, because apparently they have a strict no-dog policy. Travalon brought Rodney home, and OK Cap was asking the condo president if it’s OK for guests to have dogs, but he said no. Just then Prairie Man drove by in his loud pickup truck with Michaela beaming out the window at us, so Luxuli and I couldn’t stop laughing. What timing! We aren’t sure if the condo president saw her… We ended the evening with dinner at the Nau-Ti-Gal. It was too late to go to the East Side Club, but hopefully soon we can all make it over there.

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