Monday, August 3, 2015

More Adventures in Boating

I hope my readers had an excellent, if very hot, weekend. Friday evening Travalon and I decided to take a moonlit boat ride, and I rigged up a lantern Richard Bonomo had given us to the front of the boat with a bungee cord. Just when I was feeling clever (and beautiful, because Travalon said the light made me glow), the bugs began swarming around me in a big cloud. That made for a very strange ride. At least none of them bit me. Otherwise it was a lovely night, with the second full moon in July, or as they say, a blue moon, though it did not look particularly blue.

Saturday Travalon and I ran errands all morning, including getting a baby shower gift for Light Bright (which I put in a gift bag emblazoned with butterflies, since I forgot she is having a boy) and getting a new seat for my bike. We had Cajun catfish sandwiches at the Big Ten Pub for lunch, even though I had made Cajun catfish for dinner the night before. Guess we just love our Cajun catfish! Then we took our longest ride yet in the boat, going out onto Lake Mendota and admiring the enormous houses along the shoreline. Some of them were just ridiculous, like palaces, and even their boathouses looked as big as our whole condo. In the evening Travalon went to Steak Night at Samba Grill with Rich, Twins Fan, Prairie Man, and another guy, while OK Cap, Luxuli, and I had pizza at OK Cap’s house and then swam in her outdoor pool. (Jilly Moose unfortunately had to work.) We even went in the hot tub, but it was REALLY hot, so then we went in the sauna, but it wasn’t warming up at all. Luxuli made brownies, and I brought one home to Travalon, who enjoyed it – he had been too full to eat dessert at Samba.

Yesterday we came home after church to find a message on our phone that someone had tried to use my credit card number to pay a $97 bar tab in Cancun, Mexico while we were at Mass. Fortunately my credit card company declined the charge, but I had to call a bunch of people about canceling my current card and getting a new one. After that we just wanted to go swimming, since it was so hot out, so we drove to Lake Mills and went swimming in Rock Lake, which is really clean and refreshing. They even have a bar on the shore like something you would see in Florida, so we had a drink there. We also checked out the beach at Lake Kegonsa, which was nice enough but not as wonderful as the one at Rock Lake. We ended the evening by picking up some chicken from Popeye’s and bringing it to Rich’s house to have dinner with him and the married B-Boy, and Kathbert stopped by to blat (as she calls it). I guess that’s a word – Spellcheck doesn’t have a problem with it.

No worries about my credit card – I stopped by my credit union today, and they printed a new one for me in about two minutes. Hopefully this one’s number doesn’t get stolen… Our best guess is that my number was stolen during that big hack of Home Depot’s database, since I had just bought carpeting and a washer/dryer from them for my old condo. 

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