Monday, August 17, 2015

Bike Ride and Croatian Fest

It was a hot weekend, but still a very fun one. I took the day off of work on Friday to participate in the annual Birthday Bash for the Daughter of Denni. We biked from her friend’s house to the Club Tavern, which was just a couple of blocks, and I thought to myself, “I can totally do this!” The next stop was Paul’s Neighborhood Bar, about a mile and half, and most of it through the Pheasant Branch Conservatory on a bike path, so that didn’t seem so painful either. The third stop was partway to the Missouri Tavern on the bike path that goes along Highway 12, and it was in the blazing sun and had some hills, so I fell behind. A really kind soul biked along with me, and she had a speaker on her bike handles, so we had some tunes. Once we got to the makeshift stop, Travalon and I had to leave in order to get to his friend’s wedding reception on time. Thank goodness Travalon was my own personal SAG wagon again this year!

The reception was for Travalon’s friend who got married in Hawaii – this was for all the friends and relatives back home. The bride was ecstatic to see me, since I was one of the few people she knew there. The reception was at a restaurant on the lake, with a buffet dinner and a very loud DJ. Why do they always keep turning up the volume? Some adorable kids danced with the bride and groom and each other, and we sat with a couple who will be married 50 years in September. Afterwards we drove to Gurnee and stayed there for the night.

Saturday morning we found a church on the way that had confession at a reasonable time – our smart phones are already coming in handy! Then we took the train down to the Chinatown stop and got some bubble tea before walking to the Croatian Fest at St. Jerome Church. We met Cecil Markovitch there and had delicious Croatian food and admired the lovely church, but the musical entertainment was not very ethnic; for example, there was an Elvis impersonator. We explored Chinatown and came back to the festival, and by then a band was playing ethnic music. Afterwards Travalon and I stopped at a restaurant we had passed that had posted a review stating they have the best sandwich ever, but while it was a good enough sandwich, I didn’t think it rated that highly. We got on the road kind of late and got home not long before one am.

Yesterday morning Lady Harriet Wimsey was visiting from Florida, so she came to Mass and brunch. She said Freddy Mercury is the Oscar Wilde of rock music, which I thought was a wonderful analogy: he led a disordered life but created great art as he sought the truth. Then Travalon and I took the boat out into the Cherokee Marsh again, and once again the motor died, so we had to row back the whole way. We took Rodney and went to the Doggy Dinner at Liliana’s, but nobody else had brought a dog so we were alone on the patio. Rodney did seem to enjoy his special Doggy Dinner, and the human food was really good too. We were glad to call it an evening early, after all that exercise this weekend: biking all over on Friday, walking over seven miles on Saturday, and paddling for two hours on Sunday. We should be in great shape!

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