Thursday, August 13, 2015

Big Band Concert on the Beach

Last night I went to Oconomowoc with Travalon to attend a concert with his mother. The group was Ladies Must Swing, an all-woman big band from right here in Madtown, and they played 40’s music in the band shell that is by the beach on Lake La Belle. It was a beautiful setting, and the music was wonderful. Travalon’s mom really got into it and was singing along with a lot of the songs. I hope I’m like that in my 80’s! Maybe I’ll be singing along to the 80’s music in my 80’s, since that is the music of my youth, as the Big Band Era stuff was the music of my mother-in-law’s youth. I like it a lot too, but I don’t know it like she knows it. There was one song they just played and didn’t sing that my MIL said was called “Working for the Yankee Dollar,” and she said it was about prostitution. No wonder they didn’t sing it! There were plenty of little kids around. It was a catchy tune, anyway, as they all seemed to be back then. What a wonderful evening, watching the sunset and the boats and listening to Big Band music. We all enjoyed it immensely.

Tomorrow I may not blog because I’ll be on the bike ride for the Daughter of Denni’s birthday, and then Travalon and I are going to the Wisconsin reception for his friend who got married in Hawaii.

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