Saturday, May 21, 2016

Flowers for Pa Hat's Birthday

Happy birthday to Pa Hat! For his birthday, I am going to post some photos of lovely flowers that were blooming in the neighborhood around my office a couple of weeks ago. I took these photos during my noontime rosary walks.

 This next photo is of a crabapple tree at the Arboretum:

This little flower was in my office! A coworker gave me a Christmas cactus last year when I told her my big one at home had mysteriously died, and it has these pretty white flowers. The one at home had hot pink blossoms that were often featured on this very blog.

This same coworker, who is pretty much universally acknowledged as the most thoughtful human being ever, got this cake to celebrate the big boss at work having been there for a year. It says: "It's been a year, drop the Southern accent." Most of us hadn't even realized the anniversary had crept up on us! The cake was delicious, a chocolate mousse one, and we had ice cream too. Yum! All provided by this thoughtful coworker.

Finally, getting back to flowers, I usually find fake flowers depressing, but these flowers in the adoration chapel are so silly and cheerful that I actually kind of like them. They don't even pretend to be real flowers.

Famous Hat

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