Monday, May 2, 2016

Rainy Saturday in Milwaukee

Remember when I said Travalon and I would be back to the wine bar Brix 340 in Waunakee? That turned out to be true just a week later when we went there this past Friday, this time a little more dressed up. We had chocolate and wine pairings again. This time we did get a table – last time we had to sit at the bar – but we may never be lucky enough to get to sit by the fireplace. That space is always taken.

Saturday was a rainy, dreary day. I had plans with Light Bright, but as new moms so often have to do, she canceled, so Travalon and I had breakfast at La Baguette and then drove to Milwaukee to see the Domes. He figured if we couldn’t hike outside, maybe we could at least get some exercise walking around looking at plants inside. However, the desert and tropical domes were closed for repairs, so we only got to go into the show dome. They were having a listening session on the future of the Domes, so I filled out a survey. How exciting to be in the right place at the right time, to get to have input like that! We had tacos for lunch at Conejitos, a very reasonably priced Mexican restaurant that he loves, then we went to the Milwaukee Art Museum and looked at art for hours. That got me almost all the steps I needed for the day, the place is so big. We drove to a bar from the book in Cudahy, stopping at the St. Francis Brewery, where we got a sampler of their sodas because they sounded so fascinating. And they were really good! The bar from the book is under new ownership now, and sadly they had removed some of the beautiful woodwork, but the leaded glass windows and brickwork are still intact. Now it’s called Orson’s. We went to a second bar from the book, in West Allis – I can’t remember the name, but it was beautiful inside, very German-looking with murals and stained glass windows. We had duck for dinner there, because it is a German restaurant as well as a bar. We are now down to fifteen bars left from the book – we should be able to finish it this summer! Very exciting.

Travalon has a bad cold, so we did not have an exciting Sunday but a relaxed one. He is still sick today and stayed home from work, which undoubtedly made Rodney happy. He hates these long Mondays and Fridays when we are both at work all day long, and he sits at home alone except for Cashmere. She is not very exciting company.

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