Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Really Weird Bar

Sorry for not blogging yesterday. I thought I might post some more photos of random things, but Travalon and I went to Tenney Park and walked out onto the pier to watch the sunset. I took some good shots of it and will try to post one soon. That was the beautiful, fun part of the evening. Then we went to a bar called 608 which used to be on State Street but is now more in our neighborhood. It has changed a lot, too. I got a really weird vibe from this place, starting with when we stepped out of the car and a table full of young guys sitting outside stared at me. Not seeing any other women, I got scared that it was another gay bar in the mold of Woofs, where they were definitely not happy to see a woman enter the place. Travalon assured me that it was not a gay bar, so we went inside, where they were blasting country music, and the only woman I saw was the bartender. I went to use the bathroom, but it was locked for a good ten minutes, and I thought, “It figures that the only other woman in the place is in the bathroom.” Finally a second bartender emerged from the bathroom, and she was acting positively drugged. Too bad, it was kind of a fun place when it was on State Street. Maybe Tuesdays are their off night, but boy was it creepy.

In contrast, Monday evening I had a really good time. OK Cap is moving out of our neighborhood next month, so she had the Rosary Ladies and our husbands over for a farewell dinner of pizza, salad, and angel food cake with strawberries. We had plans to swim in her pool or play a card game called (I think) Five Crowns, but what we ended up doing is going down to the dock and hanging out on her brother’s pontoon boat. He is selling it, and he thought maybe Travalon and I would be interested. I haven’t heard what his asking price is, but this is an enormous boat, so it can’t be cheap. It is definitely a floating living room! Our little boat fits our needs; we don’t need a floating living room. Mars was very bright that evening because it is unusually close to earth, so I took a picture of that too. I’m not sure it looks like much in the picture but will post it anyway at some point in the future.

Famous Hat

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