Thursday, May 19, 2016

Updates: No Good News

Sorry to any of my fellow choir members who might happen to be reading this – I was boating last night instead of practicing with you. It’s hard when the weather is only nice for six months of the year to stay inside one moment longer than necessary, and I already have to spend all day inside. Although today I did get to run an errand that required a bit of a walk outside, so between that and my lunchtime walk, I had almost all my steps for the day, and quite a bit of fresh air time.

It seems like the bad news just keeps getting worse. Our neighbor who fell was supposed to go to rehab this week, but she developed pneumonia and now is going to hospice. They have given up on the rehab idea, apparently much to her relief. She is quite old, but it’s so sad that she was independent until tripping on the rug that our other neighbors put in the foyer for whatever reason. (They’re just redecorating the whole place; they left a new doormat for us, but I like it so I just went with it. And they have replaced all the pictures on the walls of the hallway.) I guess that just goes to show how a tiny thing can completely change your life in an instant. I had really hoped she was going to be okay after seeing her in the hospital on Sunday, when she seemed to be in good spirits. At least she has led a full life; my cousin’s husband, on the other hand, should have had many years ahead of him, but who knows if he will recover from his stroke, and to what extent? The last thing I heard from my cousin is that his responses to stimuli like sound and pain have lessened, which does not sound promising. I don’t know enough about strokes to know how much damage a person can recover from, but I certainly have seen people die slowly after one. The B-Boys’ father comes immediately to mind. Sorry this post is so grim, but if you want to pray for either one of them, their names are Joy and David. Also pray for my cousin Janice because she must really be suffering right now, seeing her husband in such a state. I can’t even imagine what she must be going through.

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