Sunday, May 22, 2016

Photos of Our Cactus Road Trip

Here are some photos from our Cactus Road Trip last Sunday, as well as some from our road trip today. This first shot is of a cactus at the site of the Battle of Wisconsin Heights.

Next is a shot of Travalon and Rodney on top of Cactus Bluff.

This is the bluff behind the cactus field on the Nature Conservancy land outside of Spring Green:

And here are two shots from the Arena boat launch, looking up and down the Wisconsin River:

Next are some photos from today. Before Travalon and I took our road trip, we went out on the boat. It was, as you can see, a beautiful, sunny day.

As we drove on Highway PF toward the Nature Conservancy land in the Baraboo Hills, we saw a couple of interesting rock formations. I took these photos from the car.

Finally, here is a photo of Hemlock Draw, our destination.

I will blog more about this adventure tomorrow.

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