Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Happy Second Anniversary!!

Wow, two years already with Travalon!! These have been the two happiest years of my life. We are celebrating by going to a fancy restaurant tonight, and then taking the day off tomorrow and hopefully boating for the first time this year. If there is time, I wouldn't mind getting back in my wedding dress and having photos taken at the Arboretum, because this year, unlike two years ago, the crabapples and lilacs are blooming. At least the magnolias were blooming then, so it wasn't completely bare, but everything was running late. Also, I would look better in the dress now because I am ten pounds lighter. Of course, it rained all day today so all the blossoms may have been knocked off the trees, and Travalon rented his tuxedo so what would he wear for this hypothetical photo shoot?

Another good piece of luck today: I found an earring that I had lost months ago. I thought it got lost at work, but this morning it was sitting in plain sight on the floor of our closet, so who knows where it had been hiding all this time? It certainly wasn't in that spot. It was one of the pair I bought at the street festival we went to for Jilly Moose's epic birthday trip last September.

Famous Hat

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Richard Bonomo said...

Happy Anniversary! May you have many, many, happy, blessed years together!