Thursday, May 5, 2016

Photos from Our Recent Road Trips Part Two

Here are some more photos from our recent road trips. First are some shots of Devil's Lake. This first one was taken by Travalon from the top of the bluff.

This flower blooming on the top of the bluff is called Dutchman's breeches, because the flowers kind of look like little upside-down pantaloons, but Travalon thinks they look more like teeth.

These next shots are from the Domes in Milwaukee. First are a couple of orchids, and the third one shows the cool reflection of the Dome's structure in the pool.

This is a shot of the lake from the Milwaukee Art Museum. There are lots of beautiful views of the lake from the museum.

Here are a couple of pieces of art in the museum, a collection of glassware with infinity mirrors and a painting I really liked.

This is a mandolin in one of the murals in the German tavern we went to in West Allis.

And finally, this wasn't from a road trip, but I just thought it was funny. When we went to La Villa Dolce last week, the "Happy Hour" notice on our table was overly blessed with the letter P.

And lest you think it was a misprint, it was the same on the other side!

Famous Hat

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