Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Photos from Our Recent Road Trips Part One

As promised, here are some photos from our recent road trips. First are a couple of shots from High Cliff State Park.

Next are a couple of photos of the chapel at Holy Resurrection Monastery in St. Nazianz.

I thought this sign outside one of the taverns from the book was so funny. Of course it is "the friendliest place in town," since it is, to all appearances, the ONLY place in town.

These next photos are from Kohler-Andrae State Park, which is actually two parks adjacent to each other administered as one park. Since I don't know whether these photos were from Kohler or Andrae, I'll just label them as from Kohler-Andrae. This first shot is some pebbles on the lakeshore that just made me so happy. They look like little jelly beans.  

Here is a pussy willow blooming amid the sand dunes.

And here is a view of the sand dunes the double park is famous for.

These two shots are from the park overlooking Port Washington. In the second shot you can see the lighthouse I walked out to with Travalon on one of our early dates.

These shots are from Yellowstone Lake State Park.

These are bat houses at Yellowstone Lake. If you look at them carefully, they have an emblem on them that looks like the Bat Signal from Batman.

I still have photos of our road trips to Devil's Lake State Park and Milwaukee, as well as pretty flowers blooming in the neighborhoods around my office (and one flower in my office), so stay tuned for that.

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