Monday, September 12, 2011

About My Flight Home

People have been asking how my flight went, since I clearly survived somehow but never blogged about it. I got up in the dark to catch my crack o' dawn flight and got on the scary plane like a big girl, and then it was so smooth I thought maybe this fear of flying thing was a bit of an overreaction. But my second flight was just as scary and painful as I remembered, even with tons of decongestant and three pieces of gum. Richard Bonomo was there to greet me at the airport, and I felt like I was in a badly dubbed Chinese martial arts flick, because his mouth was moving but I heard no sound.

"WHAT??" I hollered.

"Welcome home!" he repeated, now sounding like he was under water. It took the rest of the day for my hearing to return to normal, and I still had residual pains and pops in my ears all day yesterday. But now life is back to normal, meaning I am sitting in front of a computer all day instead of hiking in the desert. Bummer.

I may post some more photos tonight if I get to Rich's house but definitely will post some tomorrow after Date Night with Jesus.

Famous Hat

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