Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Now We're in Moab

Today Tiffy and I drove south from Salt Lake City to Moab, past American Fork and Spanish Fork, Utah, and over a very high altitude desert where the clouds looked low enough to touch. There were mountains and strange rock formations on every side. We took a detour to Goblin Valley State Park, since it had been highly recommended, and it was definitely worth seeing! Tons of strange rock formations that looked more like gnomes, or maybe mushrooms, than goblins, mostly about our height. We hiked down and hung out with them for awhile, but there was thunder in the distance so we decided to head to Moab.

Just before Moab we got to Arches National Monument, which is so full of cool stuff that we didn't even get to see it all so we are going back tomorrow. We saw Balance Rock and a formation called the Three Gossips and a gorgeous rainbow that lasted almost an hour. Then we climbed up to a lookout point to see Delicate Arch, which was glowing in the evening light. We took tons of photos which I hope to post soon. We didn't see any bighorn sheep, but at Goblin Valley State Park we did see a pronghorn antelope just by the side of the road, and then we saw a tumbleweed roll right in front of our car, so we felt like we had seen the requisite desert sights. And there is sagebrush everywhere, but only a few cacti.

Famous Hat


Richard Bonomo said...

Wonderful! I hope you are having at least as good a time as it sounds like you are having! What you are doing now is on my list of things to do one of these years...

Famous Hat said...

You should have come with us! We could have used a third driver.