Thursday, September 29, 2011

BIUTTID: Scott Walker

(Second in a series: Bringing It Up to Take It Down)

Hardingfele requested that I bring up Scott Walker to take him down, and it is my pleasure to do so. (Rich, you don’t have to read any further.) I am going to address my two main complaints with Scotty: his bad reasoning skills and his hypocrisy.

Scotty has very poor reasoning skills, which can be deduced from the way he has gone about trying to “repair” the economic situation in our fair state. First he gave large tax breaks to corporations, many of whom are already barely paying any taxes. Then he said that we don’t have enough money in the budget, so state workers will have to pay a lot more for retirement and health insurance. Since in reality this comes to about a 12% pay cut for many of us, our spending power is clearly decreased. Small businesses will have nobody to buy their goods and services, and they will go under. This means more people will not have jobs, so the economy will be a bigger mess. Conversely, if Scotty had not cut taxes on big corporations, what would have happened? Would big corporations have left Wisconsin if nobody had promised them a tax cut and they didn’t get one? It seems like they already have so many loopholes, they don’t need cuts too.

Scotty is a hypocrite because he constantly says what a good Christian he is, yet his actions are contrary to his words. He is doing exactly what St. James says not to do, sucking up to the rich and telling the poor, “You can sit on the floor.” His policies are going to make many middle-class people poor and the few rich ones richer, which does not seem very What Would Jesus Do. If he wants to be pro-rich and anti-poor, that’s his business, but not when he claims to be the same religion that I am. Do we have two different Bibles? I mean, what gives? Mine says to take care of the widow, the orphan, and the alien. His must say to take care of billionaire brothers from out of state.

Just wait until January, Scotty. Then we’ll really be taking you down with a recall election. Toque McToque says she hopes you go all the way down since Satan must miss you by now.

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