Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Salt Lake City

Yesterday Tiffy and I explored part of Salt Lake City, at least what was within walking distance of our hotel. This included Temple Square and the State Capitol. We heard an organ recital in the Tabernacle and wondered what was in the Temple, since they wouldn't let us inside. There was a visitors' center with a model of the temple showing what was inside, and it looked like Senate Chambers. That is, if you can believe them. The Capitol Building looked a lot like ours but wasn't quite as ornate inside. I took lots of pictures which I hope to post once I get back home.

Tiffy and I were a little creeped out by Temple Square, which surprised me since I have been in all sorts of sacred buildings without feeling creeped out. (For example, I have been in a number of mosques and felt just fine.) Part of it was the Stepford Greeters who wander around the Square wearing nametags and blank smiles and always greet you and ask if you would like to learn more about their church. They weren't pushy when we said no, just looking, but I still couldn't shake my feeling of unease. Anyone else been to Temple Square? Did you feel uneasy there too? Feel free to leave a comment about your experiences.

Famous Hat


Catherine Arnott Smith said...

I was in Salt Lake giving a talk last November and spent a day at the Family History Center doing research. I went to a Thursday night rehearsal of the MT Choir and walked around Temple Square quite a bit. I have to say I never got approached by anybody, proselytizing or not. Either I was looking really unfriendly those days or really Lutheran.

The LDS bookstore is really worth checking out, though!

Famous Hat said...

Where is the bookstore? We will be back in Salt Lake City on Thursday so we could check it out then.

Richard Bonomo said...

I find -- based on a very limited data set -- that if you tell "them" that you don't believe the universe is populated by spirit beings that are waiting to be incarnated, they tend to not bother with you, as you've displayed a knowledge of one of their chief doctrines and have decided to reject it.

Catherine Arnott Smith said...

Deseret Books is at


or 45 West South Temple Street.