Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dinosaur National Monument

Today Tiffy and I had breakfast in the crazy space-age cafe area of our hotel, then we drove to Dinosaur National Monument and took the shuttle to the fossil-viewing area. The plus about this attraction: free! The downside: they don't tell you that you will be on a ledge with a sheer drop-off, and I am TERRIFIED of heights. Somehow I did survive, and we saw lots of dinosaur bones in the rocks. Then we drove through the rest of the area and saw some awesome petroglyphs and something called Elephant Toes Butte. No fears, I took photos. I did not get photos of the cranes, coyote, or prairie dogs we saw along the side of the road, so you will just have to imagine what they looked like. (I did get a picture of a lizard sunning itself on a rock.)

Now we are back in Salt Lake City, and I am torn because my team (Go PACK!!) is playing my second-favorite team (Geaux Saints!) but so far the Packers are winning. (I took a break at half time to blog.) It has been a very high-scoring, exciting game so far. Tomorrow we will explore the Salt Flats just west of the city, and possibly swim in the Great Salt Lake.

Famous Hat


Famous Hat said...

I am happy because the Packers won but the Saints looked good too. Here's to a great season for both teams!

Famous Hat said...

I would just like to note that it was a very high-scoring game, and when I asked Tiffy if she thought that indicated weak defense or monster offense, she said (and I quote), "Both teams are very offensive."