Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dinosaur Baptist Church

Today we returned to Arches National Park to see the things we missed yesterday. We did a lot of hiking and saw tons of lizards, ground squirrels, and big black bugs. The plants were extremely weird but very happy because of the rain the night before, so the desert was gorgeous with many shades of green contrasting with the many shades of terra cotta in the rock formations. I forgot to take a picture of the sign that said: "Pick up Park Avenue hikers here," but I did take one of the Hula Hoop Crossing sign. There was also a sign that sounded like a Chinese proverb: "Gather no wood in park." (I didn't get a photo of that either.)

Then we went to Dead Horse Point, from which you can see a magnificent view of the canyon the Colorado River has formed below. There were a lot of French people there for some reason, saying things like, "C'est magnifique!" and, "C'est grandeuse!" and, "Regardez!" This park is most famous for being the site where Thelma and Louise drive over a cliff in their eponymous movie.

We drove through a mountain pass in Colorado to get to Vernal, Utah (where we are staying tonight) and had lots of adventures like seeing deer and cattle that were pondering crossing the road in front of us. I could kick myself for not getting a photo of Dinosaur Baptist Church! We had to take a left on Brontosaurus Boulevard. Then we crossed back into Utah and nearly collided head-on with a pickup who was passing another vehicle on our two-lane highway. Luckily nobody was behind us, and Tiffy was able to pull over onto the shoulder, so we are fine here in Vernal. Tomorrow we are going to Dinosaur National Monument so stay tuned for further adventures that hopefully do not include nearly colliding with crazy drivers.

Famous Hat


Richard Bonomo said...

Dinosaur Baptist Church. Really.

You are bringing back memories of a family trip we made to the Grand Canyon many years ago...


Famous Hat said...

To be fair, it was in Dinosaur, Colorado so it wasn't any stranger than Belleville Baptist Church except that it sounds so weird. Like velociraptors attend services there or something.

They are very into dinosaurs around here. There is an adorable pink dinosaur statue that greets everyone who enters Vernal from the east.