Friday, September 30, 2011

The Garden: Year-End Summary

The garden we had at Richard Bonomo's house was a great success, considering that we had no idea what we were doing. Next year I hope to have even more bountiful harvests! Here is what we harvested:

Tomatoes: Too many to mention. The small, golden, pear-shaped ones were particularly successful.
Carrots: Just one, which I ate today. They got a late start, for some reason.
Green peppers: At least five from just one plant. These mostly went into ratatouille.
Eggplants: Two Oriental, one Italian, went into ratatouille.
Beans: We had plenty of green, yellow, and purple ones.
Zucchini: I think we had at least four from the one plant. They all went into ratatouille too.
Cauliflower: One head already, another ripening.
Kohlrabi: Two so far, another ripening.
Raspberries: Good spring harvest, and a second bunch are ripening even now.
Corn: The sad thing is that I had been forewarned to harvest the ears the moment they were ripe, but I waited a few days... and something else got them, either squirrels or raccoons. They even left some of the husks and cobs on the back porch, just to taunt us! We only had one ripe ear survive. Three ears had huitlacoche, so we ended up with a more successful harvest of that than straight corn.
Pumpkin: One adorable, perfect pumpkin which is baking in a pie even as I type this.

Not too shabby, considering that half the seeds were old ones Hardingfele gave me. Next year things should be even better, and maybe I will plant a wider variety. Still, I am very happy with the way the garden turned out this first year.

Famous Hat


Hardingfele said...

I am impressed because the seeds that I kept for myself did not produce much at all. Some weird pumpkin hybrid that had teeny gourds which were not pretty or edible.

Famous Hat said...

Thanks for the seeds! :)