Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Several Scenes Starring Easy McGee

Scene One: A man carrying a gun case is slipping through the shadows. He peers about suspiciously and then enters an abandoned warehouse. The sounds of an orchestra tuning can be heard. The man sits down on a chair, opens his gun case, and pulls out a violin. The lights come up, revealing the orchestra tuning around him.

Scene Two: Easy McGee is walking down the street when he passes an ice cream stand.
Easy: What flavors have you got?
Ice Cream Vendor: Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and St. Louis.
Easy: What’s St. Louis flavor?
Ice Cream Vendor (shrugging): It tastes like St. Louis.
Easy: I’ll take a scoop of St. Louis.
The Ice Cream Vendor hands him a cone with a scoop of gray ice cream. Easy licks it and gags.
Easy: This is AWFUL! It tastes like mud and smog and rust!
Ice Cream Vendor: What did you expect a city on the river to taste like?

Scene Three: Easy McGee cautiously makes his way through the abandoned warehouse, gun drawn. He looks about and slips from cover to cover as tense music plays in the background. Suddenly he turns a corner and sees the orchestra playing the tense music.
Easy: Would you knock it off? You’re driving me crazy with that music!
First Chair Violin: You can’t fire us. We’re union.
Easy: And you carry your violin in a gun case?
First Chair Violin: I don’t want anyone knowing I got a fiddle on me.

Scene Four: Easy McGee finds a clue.

Easy: It appears to be a makeup bag case or glasses case, but the pattern seems significant. And it's black and white, which makes gray... just like St. Louis flavored ice cream!  Highly suspicious.

To Be Continued…

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