Thursday, September 15, 2011

Photos of Utah: Salt Lake City

Here are some of my photos from Salt Lake City. (Yes, I have more.) First is a shot of the hotel downtown where Tiffy and I stayed, the Shilo:

This is a shot of the Salt Palace at night. It does kind of look like a giant salt shaker. This is just a tower; the rest of it looks like a boring convention center.

Here you can see the Salt Palace tower in the background, and in the foreground a colorful bike rack with a sculpture above it and a wonderfully contrasting fire hydrant:

The beehive, the symbol of Mormons (because they are industrious like bees, per their own report), is everywhere... like on the sidewalks.

They had this sign in the pavement at every intersection: LOOK!

Tiffy and I never saw anything like this stop sign suspended over an intersection.

Hey, they have a State Street too! And very weird traffic lights.

I took this picture for Richard Bonomo because I knew he would appreciate it.

Unfortunately, this establishment was closed for Labor Day so we didn't get to enter the door below street level, but I like the way they think.

Here are some shots of the Mormon Temple. First, lit up in the evening:

Here is a shot of it from the front....

... and here is a shot of it reflected in the reflecting pool.

Here is a shot of the sort of dollhouse model and what they claim is inside.

This is really the inside of the Mormon Tabernacle. They would let us inside of there.

The Mormons had beautiful gardens at Temple Square.

Here is a close-up of a zinnia that is an amazing shade of orange.

Here is the State Capitol of Utah, which looks a lot like ours:

This is a really creepy face we found in the marble inside the Capitol, near the restrooms.

From the Capitol we had a great view of these houses on the mountains.

This is the Catholic Cathedral of the Magdalene from the back, because that's how we approached it.

Here are some shots of the inside:

This is a shot of quote from Galatians that Rich had heard was in the Cathedral... and indeed it was! It says that if anyone, even an angel, should give a Gospel other than the one St. Paul has preached to them, let them be anathema.

Here are some shots of the Great Salt Lake, and the Saltair Palace, which was a happening place back in the Twenties but isn't so busy now... partly because the lake has receded.

This grass grew all over beside the Great Salt Lake. The only things living in the lake were tiny, bright orange brine shrimp, and I took a photo of Tiffy holding one, but it didn't turn out.

Here is a picture of me taking a picture of Tiffy taking a picture of me.

And finally, here is a movie of the Great Salt Lake in action!

Still to come: Red Bluff Botanical Garden.

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