Friday, September 2, 2011

A Slight Change in Plans

Here is a fictional tale for your Friday afternoon:

Once upon a time there were two fair ladies who were going to take a trip to a far-off land called “Utah,” and they planned to take the train. Two days before the train was scheduled to depart, they got a phone call: the train had been canceled! For the rest of the month!! Can you imagine their consternation? They weren’t sure what to do, but in just a few hours they had come up with a plan: they would rent a car, drive to Salt Lake City, and then fly back home. Of course this was not an ideal plan, since it would be a very long drive (even broken into two days), and one fair lady was terrified of planes, but what else could they do on such short notice?

You can tell this is fiction, because who would ever cancel a train with two days’ notice? That would NEVER happen in real life. (You can also tell it's fiction because who would call Tiffy and me "fair"? Or "ladies"?) Stay tuned for more fictional adventures!

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