Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Fresh Fish and Swimming Laps

Last night Travalon baked some of the salmon I caught with dill, and we had it for dinner along with pumpkin tortellini and fresh broccoli. It was delicious, but it was not deboned. Now I am not sure if we should inflict our bony fish on our friends, plus Catzookz wants to know if anyone wants to go to a jazz stroll in Middleton the evening we were thinking of doing our fish dinner. I’m not sure if there is time to do both, or if we should put off the fish dinner. Feel free to weigh in on this weighty matter. The evening in question is Friday, September 2.

Then Rich and I swam laps at the health club. I swam for 35 minutes and then told Rich my arms felt like they were going to fall off. He said it has been far too long since I have uttered those words. Truly, I do need to work out more often and more vigorously. At first getting my 10,000 steps per day was enough, and I was steadily losing weight, but it’s as if my body has acclimated to the extra exercise now, and I had plateaued in my weight loss back in April. Worse, I gained some in Alaska, because even though we hiked vigorously every day, we also ate well. Who knew there were so many foodies in Alaska?

Famous Hat

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