Tuesday, August 16, 2016

How the Mallards' Season Ended

Last night Travalon and I went to the Mallards’ first playoff game, just like we did last year. Again there were a sixth of the usual number of people there, and a lot less food selection. I kind of enjoy the smaller crowd, although maybe the players don’t like playing in front of a sparser crowd. One player, Josh Stowers, who is a freshman from Louisville, got two home runs in a row! So then of course every time he was up at bat, the crowd went nuts. Unfortunately the Battle Creek Bombers had some home runs too, and they were leading by several runs in the bottom of the ninth, but one guy got a home run and scored two runs, so then the Mallards were just down by one. And then two Bombers infielders ran into each other and fell down, and one of them could not get back up so they brought out a cart to take him off of the field. Not good! Finally the game resumed, and there was a guy on base so the next guy up could get us a walk-off homer… and then we saw it was Josh Stowers! The crowd went nuts!! But the Bombers pitcher was taking no chances and walked him, and then the next guy got on base so I thought maybe we’d win with a grand slam! But alas, there were already two outs and the next batter struck out, so the Mallards’ season ended by the barest of margins. Perhaps if they hadn’t had so many defensive goofs earlier in the game, they could have won easily. Anyway, it was another great season, and I am not ready to think about football yet!

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