Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Our Fish Arrived!

I am so excited because our fish arrived today! It was quite an adventure to get it. They said it would arrive last Wednesday, but when it didn’t, Travalon called the packers up in Alaska, who said that when I had filled out the form, I had somehow missed the telephone number question. Without a telephone number, FedEx will not ship, and of course the packers had no way to get a hold of us. So I called them and asked them to deliver the fish to my job on Friday, but on Friday there was no delivery of fish. I called and was told the person who took my message didn’t know the correct procedure, and the person who did was off of work that day, so they didn’t realize it was supposed to ship until the deliveries had already gone out Thursday morning. They promised it would be shipped yesterday morning, so I expected it around noon today. It actually came around 10 am, and then Travalon came and picked it up to take home. We have one salmon and nine rockfish, so that should be quite a few fillets. Tonight I will bake salmon and see if we survive it, and then if it doesn’t kill us, hopefully we will have a fish fry for some of our friends the Friday of Labor Day weekend. That is the plan, anyway.

Famous Hat

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