Friday, August 12, 2016

I Caught a Salmon in Alaska

Today was my favorite day of the trip so far. Travalon and I had breakfast at the charming bed and breakfast with a couple from Fairbanks, and the husband told us he is a dentist who regularly travels to small villages above the Arctic Circle to see patients. Then Travalon and I drove the Seward Highway down the Kenai Peninsula to Seward, along the Turnagain Arm, a body of water full of beluga whales and surrounded by mist-covered mountains. The whole landscape looked enchanted because of the mountains rising out of the mist. Outside of Seward we hiked through the rainforest to the Exit Glacier, and then we took a fishing excursion out into the fjords. Our first boat's motor died (we're familiar with that issue!) so we took a smaller boat along with our captain and a family consisting of Mom, Dad, and a teenage daughter. She proved to be the most adept fisher of the group, but I did pretty well myself, catching a number of rockfish and one beautiful 10-pound silver salmon. Travalon caught some rockfish too, and several pollock, which he threw back. He also caught a colorful fish that escaped from the captain, but they aren't good for eating anyway. We got back very late and had dinner at a surprisingly busy place called Thorn's.

The Turnagain Arm is very scenic

Travalon at the Exit Glacier

I caught this salmon!

Here are all the fish we caught among the five of us

After all that time in the ocean spray, my hair looked blonder and curlier than usual. Here is a selfie I took to show you.

Famous Hat

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