Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Videos from our Fun Saturday

This Friday there will NOT be a fish dinner. I will keep everyone posted about possible future dates. Travalon and I did try the rockfish tonight, and it was delicious and bone-free. It must be easier for them to debone a rockfish than a salmon. Then we went to the Tiki Bar at the East Side Club, but nobody else was there so we just had one drink while sitting down by the lake.

The other day I was saying to Travalon that I gave away my silliest hats when I turned 30, like my Mad Hatter hat and my Jughead hat. The problem is that now that I am middle-aged and no longer care about seeming mature, I dearly wish I still had that Jughead hat. If anyone runs across one, let me know.

Here are some photos and videos I have taken since returning from Alaska. The first is the Indian pipe we saw at Festge Park the day after we got back.

Next is a lotus blossom that was in Stricker Pond.

You can see the brass players in the band Chicago in the lower righthand side.

And here are some videos from our fun Saturday. Actually, this first one is the salsa band that played on the Monona Terrace on Friday night.

This is a video of the little fish we saw jumping at Tenney Park.

This is a video of a laser light show at a private party at Tenney Park. I really dislike this song, but the lights are cool.

And finally, this is a lady with a light-up hula hoop at the Orton Park Festival.

Famous Hat

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