Saturday, August 6, 2016

Our Day in Anchorage

I am not sure how much of a chance I will get to blog up here in Alaska. I brought my laptop Boethius and am blogging on it right now, at our hotel in Anchorage, but internet access may be spotty in the other places we are going. Our flight to Anchorage was eventful because our plane had an electrical problem, so eventually they moved us to a new plane, and we were two hours delayed flying out. We landed in Anchorage after three am local time, which means it felt like almost time to get up to us, but we did go to bed and sleep for five hours.

Today Travalon and I went to the Alaska Native Cultural Center, where we saw a performance of songs and dances from various Alaskan native peoples, and then we took a tour around their pond to see traditional houses of the various peoples. Then we came back downtown to go to their outdoor market, which was really cool. It was kind of like our Farmers' Market, if it sold reindeer tacos and knives and lots of stuff for dogs. We took a trolley tour of Anchorage, and I found out that the state of Alaska shares a birthday with me! Also, there was a HUGE earthquake in 1964, and you can still see evidence of the damage. Most of the people who were killed did not die during the quake itself but during the ensuing tsunami. The trolley driver gave us coupons, so we went to a couple of shops downtown to redeem some of them. We had dinner at a very quirky Japanese restaurant with delicious, authentic food and then walked on a shoreline path and looked out over the mud flats. We ended the evening by going to Kincaid Park to try to see moose; we didn't succeed, but we did see a charming small lake called Little Campbell Lake.

I have pictures! This is the first thing we saw in the Anchorage Airport. Hopefully we see a live one at some point!

Cool building in downtown Anchorage.

Actual sign at our hotel.

These next few shots are from the Alaska Native Cultural Center.

Ceremonial drum

 Totem pole

This next shot is of a bird I see all over here in Anchorage. It is like a big, black and white crow. I think it might be called a magpie.

And here is a shot of Little Campbell Lake.

Famous Hat

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