Sunday, August 14, 2016

Travalon's Alaska Photos

Today Travalon and I slept late, so we went to 11 am Mass and then brunch at the Crema Cafe. Then we went for a very buggy hike at Festge Park, and I saw an Indian pipe, which I will post a photo of at some point. We went for a hike around Salmo Pond and another around Stricker Pond, and then we ate dinner outside at the Nau-Ti-Gal. It seemed really hot to us after Alaska, even though it didn't reach 80 degrees today. Soon we will reacclimatize...

Here are some photos Travalon took with his camera, which takes better long-distance shots than my iPhone camera. First are some pictures of plants in Alaska.


Devil's Club

a very cute mushroom

Sign at Rochelle's Ice Cream Shop

Famous Hat and Travalon at Eklutna Lake

Moose in Denali National Park

Ready with the bear spray!

Travalon and Famous Hat in front of Denali (behind the clouds)


first grizzly bear

I just love this shot of me in Denali National Park


second grizzly

Don't I look happy to be fishing?

See what I mean?

sea otter

mountain goat

He had a better picture of the sea lions, and a picture of the Dahl sheep we saw in Denali, but for some reason those didn't upload to my computer. I will see if I can get them onto this blog somehow.

Famous Hat

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