Saturday, December 25, 2010

Charlie and Cashmere's Merry Tiki Christmas

Yesterday Rich made another one of his classic quotes, when discussing someone who came to town for graduate school but did not complete it:  "A lot of us came here and got degrees that we never finished." That was almost as good as the time he said of his roommate:  "He's so tired that if you put a small bomb by his head, it wouldn't even go off!"

Some people were trimming the tree yesterday, but Hardingfele and I were trimming the claws - first on the bunnies, and then on Sylvia the hedgehog.  We went to the pet store to get presents for our little darlings (she has four cats), and this is what I got for Charlie and Cashmere:

A straw tiki hut!  I didn't get anything for Sylvia because she already has everything she wants:  a towel igloo and lots of cat food.  Well, I did buy her more cat food, but nothing specifically for a Christmas present.

I sang at both churches last night and went to a party at Luxuli's house in between.  Richard Bonomo said he was going to put in a wake-up call with my guardian angel, and sure enough, this morning I woke up at 8:30 despite being at the OTHER choir director's Froot Soop party until after 2:30 am.  We had a lovely dinner at Rich's house, but one place we had set was empty, in front of Aquinas the Computer:  A-Fooze was going to virtually join us via Skype, but we couldn't get a hold of her, so she was either out having fun or in bed.  Hope you had a Merry Christmas, A-Fooze!

Here is a video of Charlie and Cashmere discovering their Christmas present this morning:

Famous Hat


Hardingfele and Plysj said...

I think they are somewhat lukewarm, but maybe it could be a hut for Sylvia. ANd speaking of Sylvia, I met another hedgie owner on teh bus and she said that we not only should trim claws more often (seduce with meal worm and then trim) and bathe the hog every couple of months. What do we know, I guess

Famous Hat said...

I don't take hedgehog advice from people on Teh Bus. Since Sylvia has outlived every other hedgehog I have ever known, I can't be all wrong. So OK, maybe she is kind of stinky with very long claws, but she is going to be five in April. How old is Teh Bus rider's hedgehog?