Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Hardingsofa

Today was a bit slow at work, so Toque McToque and I were reminiscing about the time she sent Hardingfele a doctored photo of a cat she found online.  We thought it was hilarious because the cat was wearing glasses just like Hardingfele's and had an uncanny resemblence to her, but she didn't seem to notice.  Instead, she panicked about the fact that someone had somehow gotten a photo of her couch, the couch this cat was sitting on.  Because it is such an unusual couch, you see, and it isn't as if anyone else would have a couch just like it.

Then when someone stole Hardingfele's bike, I was trying to be helpful and posted a photo of it on this very blog, but she made me remove it because you could barely see one of her cats in the bottom right corner of the photo, and she was sure someone would somehow figure out from the photo where she lived and come steal the cat.  A cat, mind you, that she has plastered photos and videos of all over the blog herself.

When I would point out to Hardingfele that people weren't likely to stumble across this blog, and I can't even find it by googling it, she would google some made-up word like "tetracide" or "cardinary" that I have posted about and immediately find it.  So in the spirit of seasonal paranoia, I present:

The Hardingsofa!

Oh yes, it's true.  I am sure that from this photo you can exactly locate Hardinfele's house and rob her blind.  And because I made up the word "hardingsofa," this will be a very easy blog post to find via Google.  And where, you might ask, did I come up with this nefarious image?  Did I sneak into Hardingfele's house and take a picture of it?  No, it's a still shot from a video she posted on YouTube called "Cat NASCAR" or something like that.  As you can see, this is a highly unusual sofa and so the fact that it was in the background of the cat photo Toque found online is astonishing.

And if you can stand it, I have another Light Bright story:  she sent out an email with incorrect information to a whole bunch of doctors we work with, and then she sent an amended one that included this line:  "Thanks for your patients."  I did not realize the doctors were now referring them to her.

Famous Hat


Hardingfele and Plysj said...

Um the sofa has been gone for almost a year so the post is somewhat meaningless. LBII not to be outdone by LBI did send out a communication with a misplaced apostrophe - as in a mistaken possessive when it should have been plural

Famous Hat said...

You didn't even give me heck for forgetting that this is your Birthday Post and I didn't mention your birthday once??

So for your birthday, I'm giving you a thercae. What's that? How should I know? It was just the word verification