Friday, December 17, 2010

Light Bright: A Seasonal Tale

Here is a seasonal Light Bright story for your reading pleasure:  after I named the poinsettia she gave me Vito, she named her red one Tony and her white one Frank.  Then we put labels on their pots:  "Vito Poinsettia," "Tony Poinsettia," and "Frank Poinsettia," using our DymoWriter label makers.  We put them in the window, where they must have gotten too cold, because Vito became very droopy and Tony became somewhat droopy, although oddly Frank seemed just fine.  This morning we took all the droopy leaves off of them, and Vito is totally bare, but it does have some new buds so it should recover.  Tony just had a few little leaves at the top of its stems so it looked like an exotic succulent, and a coworker came in (while I wasn't in the office) and asked Light Bright what kind of plant it was.  She couldn't remember so she gestured at Frank and said, "The same as that one."  As she recounted the story, she admitted that she still couldn't remember the name of the type of plant it was.  I had to point out that all three were labeled "Poinsettia."  Could I even make this stuff up?

I bought myself a virtual ePlush:  a Capricorn goat that I named Thanatos 2U, because she is going to slaughter the other creatures at these online games, including a monkey named Isobama-Moron.  I'm telling you, kids are not thinking of these names.  Sunday Dinner the Chicken!  That one still makes me laugh.  Thanatos 2U is representing me online, so it occurred to me that Representin' would have been an awesome name for her, but then I remembered that ePlush does not let you use apostrophes in names (remember my black poodle Josquin de Onyx?), so my Capricorn goat would have had the lame moniker Representin.  Although that does look kind of like Rasputin...  If anyone wants to give me an ePlush animal for Christmas or my upcoming birthday (hint, hint), I do have another name ready:  Hyperbad!  Here is a screen shot of Thanatos 2U slaughtering the other ePlushies:

And here, for your viewing convenience, I have scanned a little rosary I made during a rosary-making lesson at Our Lady of Perpetual Sobriety.  Notice that it is not one of those knotted ones but an actual metal links one.  A lot of people got tired of it, because it can get tedious, so they didn't finish, but I did a whole decade just to discover there were no crucifixes to put on it, so I used an itty bitty miraculous medal instead.  This rosary is fully functional - I have used it many times.  In the highly unlikely event that I am someday canonized, can you imagine what they will think of this rosary?  A second-class relic handmade by the saint!  Whoa!  It hardly gets better than that!

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