Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Talking to the South Pole

Last night Richard Bonomo, Kathbert, Melodee, Astrochick, and I went to a talk about the South Pole, culminating in an actual phone call with people at the South Pole.  And guess what?  It's the same temperature there as here!  Who knew Antarctica was so cold?  Then we went to Rich's house and ate cookies, cookies, and more cookies.  My "disaster" cookies were actually more popular than my "presentable" cookies, but the big hit of the night was the Toque McToque Nutella bar.  HIGHLY recommended.  I have a link to the recipe, if anyone wants it.  I had also dropped off many of the cookies with Hardingfele and Rockstar Tailor to thank them for helping me. 

Astrochick was way out there last night, and I said her whole conversation was going to be posted here, but now of course I cannot remember anything she said, other than that she is obsessed with "the Cloud" and how some guy attached an iPhone to a weather balloon and how cool was that?  And she's a huge fan of Galileo, and someone declared that Newton was a bigger genius than Einstein, yada yada.  But now it just doesn't seem that funny, so instead let me tell you about Light Bright.  I sent her an email that included the following question:

Q:  How are the Vikings like a possum?
A:  They play dead at home and get killed on the road.

She asked me, "What is this word?" and was pointing at "possum."  Is that an uncommon word??

Today I was frustrated at work and said, "Son of a gun!" so she started singing, "Son of a gun, we're gonna have us some fun on the bio."  I said, "What?" and she said, "It's a country song," and I said, "Sure, that I understand, but what do you mean 'on the bio'?  Like on the biography?"  She said, "You know, a bio.  Like they have in Louisiana," and I said, "You mean a bayou?" and she said, "Yeah, a bio."  But this evening I was informed by my Archirritant that in fact that is the way the Cajuns who sing the song pronounce that word.  So there's your linguistics lesson for the day:  Cajun for bayou is bio.

Famous Hat


Hardingfele and Plysj said...

I think LBI and II should get together and then they can battle the toner pirates on the bio with a dead possum.

Famous Hat said...

Light Bright can be taught because she just foiled some more toner pirates last week. Good work, Light Bright!