Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hardinfele's Birthday Surprise

Yesterday Hardingfele had a birthday surprise when she discovered her blog:  - we had completely forgotten about creating this!  On September 11, no less.  There was only one post on it at the time, our movie of Famous Hat Davison which is also on this blog.  We found this when she did an internet search on the term "uplysj," which is pronounced "oopleesh" and is a sort of made-up Norwegian word that means "unplush."  Now there are two posts on this blog.  Stay tuned for more, now that Hardingfele knows it exists!

This is not a surprise, in fact I have been waiting for it, but my Mekong dolphin finally arrived!  I gave some money to the World Wildlife Fund, and they sent me this adorable plushie.

Famous Hat

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