Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Illustrated Post

Here are some more pictures for your viewing pleasure.  First is a hat I bought at Cornish Fest and forgot to post with the other photos of my Cornish Fest schwag, probably because it was warm out then.  Now that it is cold, I am loving my genuine mohair tam from Scotland.  And what is mohair?  Hair from a genuine mo?  You got me, but it's soft and warm.

This is a little towel a friend brought back from Singapore.  She gave it to Luxuli, who gave it to me.  It's very cute, like a little girl's dress.

But then explain this inscription:  "clover wine"???  Is this appropriate for a CHILD??

If anyone can read the label from the towel, let me know.  I believe it's in Mandarin...

Then here are some things I ordered online.  Here is an Irish rosary (yes, it was actually made in Ireland) that I got to pray what Hardingfele calls our "Rosary to Score."  Truthfully, Luxuli, OK Cap, Jilly Moose, Anna Banana II, and I are praying the rosary to find husbands.  (Since Luxuli already has a perfectly good husband, and Kathbert would like one but refuses to pray the rosary just because she is Lutheran, she has decided Luxuli is praying for her by proxy.)

Here is a hoodie I ordered from the same website, Leaflet Missal.  We looked up the Gaelic online, and it really is a translation of the English phrase; it doesn't say "death to Protestants" or anything like that.

That hoodie was on back order for weeks, so I got impatient and ordered this one from Cafe Press:

On the back is the prayer which I believe is called "The Breastplate of St. Patrick":

Here are the plants at Rich's house.  I neglected to put them on my post about Plant World.  First is a photo of Jolly Bob, The Professor, Greg, Dr. Cheung, and Rich's poinsettia hanging out in the dinette.  The Mothership LOVED these plants - she said they made her feel like she was at the Bronx Botanical Gardens.  They must have loved her right back, because I have never seen them look so happy.

And here are my desert cacti hanging out in the south-facing windows of Rich's loft:

Here are on the ones on the left side.  The little one has "spines" that seem to be made of paper.

And here are the ones on the right, including a living stone and one that looks like a bunny.

In one office in a building I walk by on my way to the bus every evening, someone has a parlor palm, a ponytail palm, AND a sago palm.  I am so jealous because my parlor palms are not nearly as bushy, my sago palm never recovered after I brought it home from work and now appears to be dead, and my ponytail palm was killed by mealy bugs.  (I bought some medicine for it, but it was too late.)  But I'll tell you what that person does not have that I do:  a Christmas cactus in full bloom!

I realize that I already posted photos of these a couple of posts ago, but who really gets tired of looking at Christmas cacti in full bloom?

Famous Hat


Chloesadventures said...

Very nice pictures! That little dress says Clover vine. lol

Famous Hat said...

That makes more sense. Funny that we all thought it said "Clover wine"! I'm going to share the blame equally with Luxuli, Anna Banana II, OK Cap, and Jilly Moose. I'm generous like that.

WV: devic - if you want to write "device" but you only have one e at your disposal, I suppose this makes more sense than "dvice."