Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Acedia: The Everyday Blues

At the request of Luxuli, who so enjoyed my “First World Blues” song that she even thought about commenting, I am writing another blues song about everyday matters. This one is about acedia, a problem I seem to have more as autumn approaches so maybe it’s really just Seasonal Affective Disorder. I call this “The Everyday Blues”:

Woke up this morning and got out of bed,
Wished that my pillow was still under my head.
And then I made coffee, just like every day,
And I always do it the same old way.
Got the everyday blues,
Goin’ through the motions and then,
Tomorrow I’ll get up
And do it again.

I checked my email one thousand times,
And then I thought of a couple of rhymes,
Maybe something will happen, or not,
Maybe I’ll just sit here and rot.
Got the everyday blues,
Bored out of my mind,
Wasted the whole day
While for excitement I pined.

Don’t care that I don’t care about how I look,
Can’t seem to get into this really long book,
It’s just so much effort to work and to pray,
You just have to do it again the next day.
Got the everyday blues,
Little too much routine,
Sometimes I feel
Like a soulless machine.

So what is the cure?
Here’s what works for me,
Scrubbing the bathroom
And praying the rosary!
Beat the everyday blues,
Keep acedia at bay,
Ora et labora
Is the very best way.

Famous Hat

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Richard Bonomo said...

Wow! Two good ones in a row!