Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Broccoli Magic

Lately people have been telling me how beautiful my hair looks, which is funny because I have been swimming a lot, and chlorine is supposed to be so hard on hair. It could be my new shampoo, which is supposed to give fine hair body. My hair is very fine, like a little kid’s, and the advantage is that it is very soft, but on the downside it often seems limp. The shampoo does seem to help with this and give my hair a lot of body, but I am wondering if a lot of it is the ridiculous amounts of plant matter I am ingesting these days. After all, that makes my skin glow, which is another thing people have been commenting on lately. Maybe I should post a photo of myself so you can see my gorgeous hair and glowing skin! It could be quite an advertisement for broccoli, the main component of my diet. Last night Travalon made dinner again, Italian herbed chicken and potatoes, plus I had raw broccoli. Which of course is what I always eat for lunch too. People at work have started eating raw veggies after I said if I don’t eat so many, my skin doesn’t look right, and they said, “Oh, is that what your secret is?” So now I am letting everyone know: broccoli gives you great skin. I don’t even use face creams or anything. And just think, if it is doing all that on the outside, what magic is it working on the inside?

Famous Hat

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