Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Typical Tuesday

Today is Tiffy’s birthday, and hopefully she is having a fabulous time over in Italy. Stateside, we were having a typical Tuesday (remember, 9/11 happened on a Tuesday) full of First World Problems. First I overslept, and then Travalon and I got into a recounting of our dreams that led to a literary discussion (because he dreamed about the Abominable Snowman from the Warner Brothers cartoons, which is based on Lenny from Of Mice and Men), so I was late getting going. At work nobody had finished the coffee yesterday so this morning there was almost a whole cup of it left in the pot. A coworker took it and reheated it, but she said it was really strong. I said it just tasted that way, because it was chicory coffee Handy Woman brought back from New Orleans, but it actually has less caffeine than regular coffee. When I went to the break room for my morning break, someone had stolen the comics from the paper, and they have yet to be returned. At lunchtime I completely forgot we were planning to meet with our retired coworkers at the Union Terrace and went on a walk instead. Then in the afternoon, they were testing the fire alarms in our building. At least my evening should be better than the last few Tuesdays, since they have FINALLY reopened the Perpetual Adoration Chapel at my church. It was closed for the last three weeks while they were repaving the parking lot, and I was starting to go through withdrawal. Date Night with Jesus: the one thing that’s right about Tuesdays.

Famous Hat 

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