Thursday, September 11, 2014

Welcome to the Jungle

As my regular readers no doubt know, I had a setup at my old condo that we dubbed “Plant World,” made of a wooden entertainment system rack and fluorescent lights. This was because my old condo only had windows facing north, so there was no light in the place all winter. This past weekend the guys (Travalon, Rich, and Twins Fan) tried to move Plant World out of the old place, but it was too tall to fit in the U-Haul trailer, so they suggested we leave it by the garbage. Which is where I found it in the first place, years ago, plus after years of having plants on it, it had suffered some water damage. Our new condo has a solarium with floor-to-ceiling eastern exposure windows, so Kathbert pointed out Plant World would not really be necessary anymore. It’s the end of an era: no more Plant World. Instead, I have what Travalon and I have been referring to as “The Jungle,” the solarium full of plants. They are all over the floor right now, but this weekend Kathbert is going to help me find some shelves at Menards that will be perfect for putting plants on, thanks to the generosity of the people who gave Travalon and me a Menards gift card for a wedding present. Travalon said I should blog about this today and call the post “Welcome to the Jungle,” like the Guns ‘N’ Roses tune, so that is what I am doing.

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